Who We Are

Sought-after facilitator, seasoned educator, and gifted peace-builder: these are just a few terms used to describe Linda Provenza, founder and CEO of Strategies for Change. For more than a decade, Linda has developed and delivered powerful and dynamic workshops and programs, creating diverse leadership groups and facilitating great change nationally and internationally.

Through Strategies for Change, Linda has successfully educated teachers about peace-building and conflict resolution; helped union and management to work through challenges and build partnerships; inspired citizens of war-torn countries to work across barriers to rebuild their communities; and completed a vast list of other life-changing projects.

Prior to founding Strategies for Change, Linda served as the national director of learning and development for an international health care company, where she designed programs and organizational change processes for more than twenty locations throughout the United States and Europe. She also conducted diversity and inclusion programs for companies throughout the United States, and worked in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City, where she designed and implemented innovative programs for youths living on the streets and adults facing homelessness.

Linda holds a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from the University of California at Santa Barbara, with special study in group dynamics and social change, and a Master of Arts in sociology from San Francisco State University, with an emphasis on program development and evaluation. She studied conflict resolution and peace education at Columbia University and presents at national and international conferences on a wide range of topics. She is currently writing a book entitled The Sacred Process of Change.
Photo: Rebecca Thomas