What We Do

Organizational Development & Culture Change

Strategies for Change works with your group or organization to adapt to changing environments, evolve your vision and processes, and create more positive and collaborative ways of working together. We inspire engaged participation and a greater sense of ownership throughout your organization through shared leadership and partnerships among seemingly divergent groups and by teaching and coaching people to work together to achieve the organizational or community goals they share.

Strategies for Change works with you to assess your group's needs by interviews, surveys, data analysis, or simple brainstorming sessions. We provide a wide variety of programs (large and small), facilitated sessions, or interventions to address your particular needs, deliver results, and transform people in the process.

These include any or more of the following:

  • Shared leadership councils, committees, and projects

  • Process mapping and process improvement projects

  • Vision mapping, gap analysis, and strategic planning

  • Conflict resolution and mediation

  • Culture change initiatives

  • Innovative program and curriculum design and implementation

  • Team effectiveness model—chartering your group

  • Theater Programs for Change

  • Interest-based problem solving—win-win approach to conflict and change

  • Workshops

  • Union and/or Staff + Management Leadership Councils

  • Staff, Client, and Patient Satisfaction Programs

  • Community forums and events

  • Two-way communication strategies

Cultural Change Brainstorming Session at Azerbaijan Psychological Association

“She is a pioneer in the field of democracy-based organizational change—everyone participates, so the decisions made and policies devised have 100% buy-in.”
—Katherine Crowley, K Squared Enterprises

“Our successes with culture change have come about in large part due to the foundational support which she has helped us to create.”
—Mimi Fierle, Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center