What We Do

Experiential Workshops for Creating Change

Strategies for Change offers experiential workshops that provide a safe, positive, and creative learning environment where like or mixed groups are able to challenge themselves to grow to new levels. These workshops are most effective when coupled with organizational change, but they can be offered on their own or for the general public.

Much more than just "feel-good sessions,” these skill-building workshops teach specific new skills and give people the opportunity to apply what they learn, both on the job and in their community and personal lives. Depending on the topic, interactive methods include: videos, role plays, interactive exercise, deep dialogue, case studies, presentations, guest speakers, projects, and real-time application.

You can expect to see significant change as a result of these methods and the experience of learning and dialoguing with others in a safe environment. Choose from a variety of workshops highlighted below. (We customize our workshops and enjoy creating new topics whenever needed.)

The New Leadership Skills Programs and Training Workshops

  • Using a win-win, interest-based approach to resolve issues and build partnerships

  • Leading change in your organizational or community and coaching others

  • Effective communication and collaboration skills

  • How to lead effective teams and committees in meetings


Community and Peace Building Workshops

  • Peace Education—Moving from a Culture of Violence to a Culture of Peace

  • Conflict Resolution and Transformation and Group Problem Solving

  • Finding Your Purpose and Making a Difference

  • Community Problem Solving and Mediation


Individual-Focused Workshops

  • Exploring Conflict, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation

  • Developing Contemplative and Self-Care Practices

  • Getting Along with Others

  • Finding Your Purpose and Making a Difference


“I learned so much about myself and the role I play as a leader and team members. I use many of the skills that I learned in my program to this day.”
—Vanessa Cahn Gorelkin, NYU Hospital

“Linda Provenza is an extraordinary trainer. I know of her extensive expertise from over ten years of collaborations and co-trainings. Linda is excellent at planning and facilitating short workshops, intensives, and extended trainings. She is especially astute at sensing a learning group’s relationship to the material.”
—Janet Gerson, Columbia University

“We were facilitating their ability to bring about a civil society . . . Linda’s teaching of the Interest Based Problem Solving Method was masterful. She used a real conflict within the group as the problem.”
—Jeanne Reock, Institute for International Connections