What We Do

Community & Peace Building Projects

Strategies for Change can help to build peace, equality, or healing in your community or group through projects, performances, and conferences. We work locally, nationally, or internationally, bringing together various parts of the community or group to analyze, plan, and create deep change on both long-term development and short-term projects.

Concentrated community and peace-building work gives the members of a community time and space to explore deeper issues, problems, and visions in a safe, open, and creative environment. We create positive change on three levels: individual, group, and societal.

Past and current projects include:

  • A four-year initiative to build civil society in Azerbaijan. Strategies for Change helped to develop and facilitate a social/personal change program for a group of health care and mental health workers, community organizers, and teachers who worked with survivors of war.

  • An international conference for economists, academics, and activists interested in promoting people before profits in Guatemala. Strategies for Change co-led this event, which culminated in an international coalition.

  • A conflict resolution and support program for middle-school girls at the NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies that started as an intervention and evolved into an ongoing program.

  • An eight-week Theatre for Social Change program teacher training at the Brooklyn Board of Education’s Paulo Freire Literacy Project. The project culminated in a community forum and presentation.

“Linda’s teaching of the Interest Based Problem Solving Method was masterful. She was able to fully engage the group’s interest, resolve the problem, and demonstrate the usefulness of this process all at the same time.”
—Jeanne Reock, Institute for International Connections

“Linda will pick up the unwanted tasks, if need be, and take on the most difficult teaching. She is a team player and yet is never absent or submissive, always willing to engage the issues intelligently and skillfully. She brings to her work a suitcase of various methods and teachings about conflict resolution, mediation, and performance healing, and can draw whatever she needs, on the spot.”
—Craig Barnes, Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Initiative