What We Do

We believe in the creativity and transformative power of the human spirit to push beyond arbitrary limits, old ideas, and conflicts and meet the challenges ahead!

For the past twelve years, Strategies for Change has been working with organizations, groups, and communities to build better working relationships, develop more effective leaders, resolve seemingly intractable conflicts, and dramatically transform organizational cultures and communities for the better.

Organizations, communities, and people are dynamic—always shifting and changing in response to their environment and their own evolution. In the best of worlds they are guided by a desire to make things better, to advance humanity, and to serve others. We believe that change of this nature is not only possible, it is desperately needed at a time when world systems are breaking down at rapid rates. We are dedicated to capturing this unique moment and creating strategies that assist people to build new systems and ways of working and living together on this planet.

It is time we bring a new world into being.

Organizational Development & Culture Change
Experiential Workshops for Creating Change
Theatre Programs & Retreats for Change
Community & Peace Building Projects

What We Deliver

  • Engagement at all levels—passionate ownership and creativity

  • New systems and work processes

  • Improved morale and motivation

  • Culture change

  • Action plans and measurable results

  • Trusted, two-way avenues of communication

  • Personal growth and development

  • Conflict resolution and partnership among divergent groups

  • Effective teams with innovative results

  • New leadership skills—leaders who lead from the heart and get results

  • Internal and relational barriers transformed