Our Philosophy & Approach

How we approach our work is the direct result of our philosophies about change.

As Albert Einstein said, "One cannot alter a condition with the same mindset that created it in the first place." The same is true when building a new group, organization, community or world. At the heart of Strategies for Change is the belief and practice that deep and lasting change must be created by using the mindset and working within the environment we are striving to achieve: inclusive, respectful, collaborative, dynamic.

People have the answers—those closest to the work often know best how to improve, change, or create anew. Strategies for Change sets up work groups that include people from all parts of an organization, in which everyone has the opportunity to voice their ideas and implement changes together. We teach, and train others to teach this process.

Groups and organizations that establish a vision and a plan to attain it with clear and measurable goals are much more likely to succeed. Strategies for Change helps to define a compelling vision for your group with all stakeholders, and collectively create and implement an intelligent plan to get there. Step-by-step success breaks down the impossible into clear milestones that the group can track, adjust, and celebrate when reached.

We believe in the creativity and transformative power of the human spirit to push beyond arbitrary limits, old ideas, and conflicts. Strategies for Change gives people the opportunity to create outside the box, and by working side by side transform obstacles and ideas that get in the way of working together and building a better world.

People and organizations are not meant to be compartmentalized or broken down into individual silos. True and lasting change must account for the whole person, as well as the groups and society to which they belong. The Strategies for Change approach is holistic—we help people to break out of a traditional, compartmentalized way of thinking and working and combine many disciplines to reach that end: sociology, psychology, organizational development, spirituality, economics, health, new science, world politics, the arts, and more.

We embrace the Popular Education approach to learning and organizing, which holds that people are not empty banks waiting for others to deposit knowledge. People are intelligent and capable and together can analyze, reflect on, and transform their reality. Strategies for Change believes that the best learning is interactive, combines theory and practice, and is immediately applied. To that end, we create interactive, collaborative environments in which people learn in community with each other, followed by actual opportunities to apply it in real time.

The process of change is sacred and transforming. From resistance to acceptance, Strategies for Change helps people and groups consciously embrace the necessary phases of change. Real change might not always feel good, but if we let ourselves and our groups go through the pains of growth we will be transformed in the process.