Client's Testimonials

Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Linda Provenza in her role as Labor/Management consultant for our New Models of Person-Centered Care enhanced dining initiative over the last year.

Ms. Provenza has the perfect set of skills for bringing groups of people of differing backgrounds, disciplines, and interests together to initiate change. She is extremely creative, she is an excellent listener, she has an exceptional knowledge of the critical issues faced by staff in providing services in a long-term-care setting, and she has been steadfast in her commitment to our project and process.

She is always upbeat and comes equipped with her own special toolbox of activities and learning exercises to promote effective interpersonal communication, shared leadership, and outside-the-box problem-solving techniques. She really goes the extra mile to personally connect with the staff she is working with at all levels of the organization, thereby building trust, generating enthusiasm, and modeling what it truly takes to effectively build relationships with others to initiate and implement innovative and lasting changes within the facility.

Her dedication to the cause of person-centered care is clearly heartfelt, as she is a strong advocate of the right of those living in long-term-care settings to a have a homelike experience filled with choice and continued opportunities for growth and fulfillment. Her conviction and her vision have served as inspiration and motivation to all of us whose lives she has touched through her supportive guidance and direction.

Our successes with culture change have come about in large part due to the foundational support which she has helped us to create.

— Mimi Fierle, MA, CTRS
Director, Therapeutic Recreation Department
Co-chair, Person Centered Care Committee, Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center
“Linda Provenza is an extraordinary trainer. I know of her extensive expertise from over ten years of collaborations and co-trainings. Linda is excellent at planning and facilitating short workshops, intensives, and extended trainings. She is especially astute at sensing a learning group’s relationship to the material.”
— Janet Gerson, Columbia University

“I learned so much about myself and the role I play as a leader and team members. I use many of the skills that I learned in my program to this day.”
— Vanessa Cahn Gorelkin, Administrator