Client's Testimonials

Institute for International Connections (IIC)

I worked with Linda Provenza in Baku, Azerbaijan, on several different occasions, under circumstances that were sometimes difficult. I am amazed at how resilient she is and the skill she brings to her work. Linda’s warmth, depth of caring, and respect for each person contribute greatly to her effectiveness. Even though she had to communicate through an interpreter, Linda was able to make good contact with the young professionals we were there to train.

We were facilitating their ability to bring about a civil society, which involved learning to communicate effectively, to act with respect for each other, and to resolve differences in a way that was satisfactory to all. Linda’s teaching of the Interest Based Problem Solving Method was masterful. She used a real conflict within the group as the problem. This was brilliant, because Linda was able to fully engage the group’s interest, resolve the problem, and demonstrate the usefulness of this process all at the same time. With this experience and her handout describing the method translated into Russian, Linda left the participants with a very practical tool that could be used in many situations. The problem-solving method was only one of the many tools Linda has in her grab bag. She has a knack for sensing what a group needs and coming up with the right exercise or process.

Linda’s training and years of experience, together with her innate creativity, give her a rich and varied expertise. I’ve seen her lead activities from the Theatre of the Oppressed that affected people, myself included, on a very deep level, all the while looking like play. Linda and I both serve on the Board of Directors of the Institute for International Connections (IIC), a nonprofit organization that co-sponsors the training program in Azerbaijan and another project in Tajikistan. The IIC Board has benefited greatly from Linda’s abilities as a planner, her ability to help a group determine its goals and direction, and to make effective plans for moving ahead. I have the highest regard for Linda as a person, teacher, and facilitator and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any group or organization that wants to operate more effectively and/or to improve relationships among its members.

— Jeanne Reock
Secretary, Institute for International Connections
Immediate Past President, International Association of Rubenfeld Synergists
“Linda Provenza is an extraordinary trainer. I know of her extensive expertise from over ten years of collaborations and co-trainings. Linda is excellent at planning and facilitating short workshops, intensives, and extended trainings. She is especially astute at sensing a learning group’s relationship to the material.”
— Janet Gerson, Columbia University

“I learned so much about myself and the role I play as a leader and team members. I use many of the skills that I learned in my program to this day.”
— Vanessa Cahn Gorelkin, Administrator