Client's Testimonials

Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs

Linda Provenza is one of the most skilled and insightful strategic facilitators I’ve have had the privilege of working with.

In 2003, while I was working as director of an international economic policy working group funded by the Ford Foundation and based at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, our team hired Ms. Provenza to plan and facilitate an international convening with top economic development scholars and global social activists hosted in Antigua, Guatemala. Thanks to Ms. Provenza’s skillful leadership and guidance, we succeeded at bridging the “academic-activist” divide which often impedes these communities from collaborating effectively, and laid the foundation for several years of joint programming that has promoted policies that foster economic development with human dignity. This outcome would have been impossible had it not been for Ms. Provenza’s astute ability to work with highly diverse stakeholders toward achieving a common purpose.

Indeed, from group mediation to community building, Ms. Provenza’s strength lies in her ability to build bridges across seemingly disparate groups, and channel that energy toward common interests, goals, and strategies for achieving positive change. Her innovative problem-solving and facilitation strategies combine the best of organizational development theory with social change practice, making her firm, Strategies for Change, an indisputable asset and leader in the field.

— Jerry Maldonado
Program Manager, Gulf Coast Transformation Initiative, Ford Foundation
“Linda Provenza is an extraordinary trainer. I know of her extensive expertise from over ten years of collaborations and co-trainings. Linda is excellent at planning and facilitating short workshops, intensives, and extended trainings. She is especially astute at sensing a learning group’s relationship to the material.”
— Janet Gerson, Columbia University

“I learned so much about myself and the role I play as a leader and team members. I use many of the skills that I learned in my program to this day.”
— Vanessa Cahn Gorelkin, Administrator