Client's Testimonials

Baku, Azerbaijan Training Program

Working with Linda Provenza is a joy. I have seen her in the most difficult organizational tangles helping to find constructive and reasonable solutions; I have seen her step into an unknown training situation and adopt her teaching to the particular skills and attitudes of the session; gain eye contact and trust of people who do not speak her language; establish rapport with other teachers and administrators and all of this in the most gentle and yet purposeful manner. Linda will pick up the unwanted task, if need be, and take on the most difficult teaching, if need be. She is a team player and yet is never absent or submissive, always willing to engage the issues intelligently and skillfully. She brings to her work a suitcase of various methods and teachings about conflict resolution, mediation, and performance healing and can draw upon whatever she needs, on the spot. This is a woman whose ego is entirely in control, but is not in any sense retiring, a rare combination. I would work with her on any team, anywhere. She is that good.

— Craig Barnes
Chief mediator, Central Asian water negotiations, USAID, 1997-98
Senior negotiator, Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Initiative, the Foundation for Global Community, 1992-96
Author, playwright, radio commentator, former trial lawyer
“Linda Provenza is an extraordinary trainer. I know of her extensive expertise from over ten years of collaborations and co-trainings. Linda is excellent at planning and facilitating short workshops, intensives, and extended trainings. She is especially astute at sensing a learning group’s relationship to the material.”
— Janet Gerson, Columbia University

“I learned so much about myself and the role I play as a leader and team members. I use many of the skills that I learned in my program to this day.”
— Vanessa Cahn Gorelkin, Administrator